Celebrating 20 Years in Private Practice!

Comprehensive Treatment with Unparalleled Experience.

Our mission at Help Me Speak, LLC is to help people of all ages to speak, eat, sign, learn, and play and to make a difference - in quality and quantity - in the life of each person.


How We Help



Whether it is stuttering, pronunciation, processing, or understanding, we help with all facets of speech and language difficulties. 


Poor eating habits can lead to child development delays and failure to thrive in infants.  See how we can prevent this.


We can help your child learn to communicate using sign language.


Many people who struggle with reading have language-based difficulties including oral and written language.


Children can hone their communication skills through playing with others.


Plans and Insurance

Don't see a plan or coverage?  Give us a call and let's see how we can help.


Our Impact

We change the lives of patients of all ages

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2500 Wallington Way
Suite 103
Marriottsville, MD 21104

Tel:  410-442-9791

Email: office@helpmespeak.com

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