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Language Evaluations

We assess the following receptive & expressive language skills as determined by the client's needs and age.
Receptive Language:
*following single and multistep directions
*identifying items/ toys/ pictures
*pointing to pictures/ items when named/ requested
*identifying which items go together
*categorizing items

Expressive Language:
*naming items/ toys/ pictures
*answering who, what, where, when, how, why questions
*listening to a story and answering questions
*describing items via important features
*repeating sentences of increasing length & complexity
*telling stories
*writing sentences/ stories
*answering inference questions
*problem solving

*joint attention
*social referencing
*turn taking
*play w/others
*conversations (initiating, greeting, exchanging info, changing topics, endings)

Do you or your child have difficulties with any of the above skills? Email or call us TODAY!

Language Evaluations
Language Evaluations
Language Evaluations
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