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Language Evaluations

We assess the following receptive & expressive language skills as determined by the client's needs and age.
Receptive Language:
*following single and multistep directions
*identifying items/ toys/ pictures
*pointing to pictures/ items when named/ requested
*identifying which items go together
*categorizing items

Expressive Language:
*naming items/ toys/ pictures
*answering who, what, where, when, how, why questions
*listening to a story and answering questions
*describing items via important features
*repeating sentences of increasing length & complexity
*telling stories
*writing sentences/ stories
*answering inference questions
*problem solving

*joint attention
*social referencing
*turn taking
*play w/others
*conversations (initiating, greeting, exchanging info, changing topics, endings)

Do you or your child have difficulties with any of the above skills? Email or call us TODAY!