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Services dedicated to speech and language skills

Help Me Speak Services

See How We Help People in Marriottsville MD and Howard County with Speech

Our speech and language services are uniquely suited for:

  • Speech sound errors

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Developmental language delays

  • Receptive and Expressive language disorders

  • Down syndrome

  • Auditory and/or language processing

  • Stuttering

  • Tongue Tie

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries/Concussions

  • Multiple Congenital Diagnoses/Medically Complex Clients

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Apraxia

Oral Motor / Swallowing Evaluation

Jaw, Lip, Tongue, and Cheek skills

Speech Evaluation

Initial speech/sound error evaluation

Language Evaluations

Comprehension and Expression Skills

Executive Function Difficulty

Do you or your child have ADHD, trouble with memory, organization or planning? Then take a look at this service we offer.

PROMPT Therapy

We use PROMPT therapy as part of our speech therapy

Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI)

This "music medicine" therapy is a service we offer to help treat a variety of neural and motor skill problems

Interactive Metronome

This therapy has been helping my clients with interactive and cognitive motor skills since the 1990s

Stuttering Therapy

We help children and adults with mild to severe stuttering difficulties


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